Patio seating

perfect for people-watching or catching the sunset

About Us

Founded in 1947, Lake Wine and Spirits is Southbury’s oldest and favorite liquor store. We offer a compelling selection of wine, beer, and spirits, and craft beer selection that is top-notch. We individually taste every product before its entry into the store (Don't worry, we only sample!) We also carry high end scotches and bourbons for the discerning palette. A few additional benefits for shopping with us:

  • Lowest Legal Discount Pricing in CT
  • We deliver to Southbury
  • We offer Case Discounts
  • Complimentary Gift Wrapping

Lake Wine & Spirits maintains 2 'lists" for our valued customers. We have a general newsletter offering the latest on new products, and tastings. We now have a "craft beer newsletter" for the hops and barley enthusuast which is strictly for craft beer updates, new products, and tasting info.

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